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Our Mission
My Brand Perfumes, founded in 2017 is UAE’s Leading perfumes retailer with a scintillating array of International Luxury brands with 6 stores across UAE.After acquiring 25 years old renowned former retail chain outlet, MBP is well – known retail chain outlet selling Luxury fragrances and products in the ever-growing market of the Middle East. From the widest selection of genuine luxury products, MBP offers a comprehensive selection of fragrances, Watches, Makeup, cufflinks and accessories.

MBP focuses on innovative creation of perfumes collaborating with their French fragrance partner to create, manufacture and deliver the finest of perfumes.

We also support building, create and developing niche brands for their prestigious customers, well-known celebrities, and well-known personalities across the Middle East portraying heights of panache. Combining creativity and novelty, we create lasting memories for their clients.

Our Vision:
To be a globally recognized manufacturer and distributor of perfume that can create the best and long-lasting aroma, committed to enhancing the natural beauty and to craft everlasting memories.

Our Mission:
To set new benchmarks in the Perfume Manufacturing Industry by offering high-quality products for global distribution at affordable cost at the right time and stand as a global leader in the business by displaying creativity and innovation in Perfume Manufacturing Industry. To focus on creating fragrances that not only surpass our customer’s expectations but also intrigue the souls of our customers and make them strive to build a sustainable relationship with us.

Why My Brand Perfumes

Are you longing for perfumes that are merely more than ‘pretty? Yes! You have landed upon the right store. Our collection of International and In-House branded perfumes are sure to impart a feeling of wellness, uplift moods, and remind you of happy memories. A perfect smell is key to soothe stress, add a sense of comfort, and revive your spirits. Wear our fragrances and reap the benefits of being emotionally restorative all day.

We at My Brand Perfumes carefully create our In-House perfumes by selecting premium fragrance oils to light up your day. Right from Floral to Fruity to Oriental to Chypre, you can sense all the notes in our creations. Our elusive and aromatic fragrances are inspired by purity, so close your eyes to feel yourself.

We sell 100% original products, without compromising on quality, value for money, and customer satisfaction. We offer competitive prices as per the market trends, our store is sure to offer you – budget to niche to luxe perfumes. To conclude we will never let you down, wear our perfumes and leave a lasting impression on the people around you. Our customer service will surely enthrall you to get back to us again and again.

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